The Arbitrariness of “20/20” Vision

by Cristina Coppa According to Ferdinand de Saussure’s vision on semiotics—“the science of  communication studied through the interpretation of signs and symbols as they operate in various fields” —in his Course in General Linguistics, language is a system of signs that express ideas (Saussure 850). The elements of language, as part of this semiotic system, … Continue reading The Arbitrariness of “20/20” Vision

The Sacrificial Female

by Tiana Urey In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Gertrude and Ophelia function as political and social stabilizers to the male characters, and their treatment speaks to the kingdom’s declining health. Their shared literary role demonstrates not that these women are passive, but that female maltreatment is a barometer of instability as the men sink deeper into political … Continue reading The Sacrificial Female