Synchronicity and Alignment in Attenberg

by Laura Rubio In Attenberg (Tsangari 2010), scenes where the protagonists, two women, walk down a desolate, grey sidewalk with their arms interlocked, wearing matching dresses in different colors, allow for a keen understanding of symmetry and character in the film. Bella is on the left in black and Marina is on the right in … Continue reading Synchronicity and Alignment in Attenberg

Tongues: Speech as Treason in Richard II

by Jules Talbot The Elizabethan era has been characterized as a cultural moment "peculiarly receptive" to the "patterning of language," where "rhetorical forms … penetrated the vernacular self-expression" (Boyer 21). This sensitivity to language is registered and keenly reflected by Shakespeare in Richard II. First published in 1597 and performed as early as 1595, the … Continue reading Tongues: Speech as Treason in Richard II